Session Advice

This guide was written to give a few tips to help plan for your session, but it’s in no way a rule book. It’s just a few pointers to help guide you in the right direction to make sure you’re ready for the camera. When it gets right down to it, this is your session. Make it personal, make it about you...... and remember, above all else, have fun with it.


Scheduling Your Session

Engagement sessions usually last 1 hour and are likely to be on a weekday and ideally in the evening. The best light is two hours before sunset. However, we're always up for shooting any time of day. Even shooting at night can be really incredible and unique. 

While it’s not always possible to schedule on a weekday evening, the sidewalks are less busy, parks are usually emptier, and we can schedule further in advance if you’re willing to plan for a weekday. 

Scheduling the date for the engagement session will vary on what you would like to use the photos for. Save the Dates are pre-invitations usually sent out at least 8-6 months before the wedding. Since the average edit time for engagement photos is 1-2 weeks, I recommend scheduling your session at least 8-6 months out from your wedding date for Save the Date purposes.


Let me start by saying we can shoot anywhere and we're often influenced by the environment in which we're shooting. It’s usually a good idea to choose a unique location that’s reflective of you both.

Think about things that inspire you: consider places that have sentimental meaning for you or that’s fun or different about your hobbies, careers, or passions. Make it as personal as you can. The best locations are a mix of quirky and obscure. 

Get together and brainstorm. If your style is more modern and minimal you may want to pick a city block with modern store fronts, a building or restaurant with flare, an art museum, or a parking garage with geometric architecture, or an industrial setting, just as a couple of examples. 

If you’re both foodies, a colorful outdoor market or a picnic may be an option. If you’re both constantly found with your nose buried in books, a bookstore, library, or a study might be right for you.

Think about the colors and style of any potential locations and how you can compliment them with your outfits. If it helps, include your pets to help show who you are and what makes you different, so absolutely bring them along.

Keep in mind that sometimes the best locations for a shoot are in the most unusual places. These are just a few ideas to help you get started choosing a location. Our shoot doesn’t have to be deep and conceptual, but it helps if you love where we are.


What to Wear and What to Bring

Like the location, your outfits should also be a reflection of you. Generally we think it's a good idea to dress more casually for these as you'll be more formal on your wedding day.

We're flexible with whatever you’d like to wear. This is your session and we recommend no more than two outfits in order to maximize our time together. If you want to bring more it’s totally fine, but it may have an impact on the amount of time we’ll have shooting together!

Primary colors play a big part in our photography. A touch of red, yellow, or blue can make anything pop and help you stand out from the background. Adding a pair of red or yellow shoes, or a bright blue shirt or scarf will transform your outfits.

Avoid baggy button down shirts and be sure to bring a comfortable pair of shoes to change in and out of because we’ll probably do a bit of walking. Also, try to avoid any clothing that may show visible straps, tags, or semi-transparent clothing that could reveal undergarments.

During the session, plan on only carrying the bare minimum. If you can, leave purses, bags, cellphones, etc in your car... or we can carry them for you.