Below is a quick overview on how to select your favorite images for your wedding album. We suggest picking around 60 images. If you find yourself picking more it's not a problem, we can add pages to the album. You may click each image below to make it larger and easier to read. Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.





If you hover over the top right of any image you will see a heart. Click on the heart to save the image as a favorite. The heart will turn red when it's saved.








To select multiple images at a time click "Select Photos". Click on any image to select it. When you are done click "Add to Favorites". 










You must save your favorites in order to view them again from another computer or to come back to them at a later date. To do this, you must access your "Favorites Set". At the top left of your screen click "Our Wedding Album" (or whatever you named your set). Here you will see all your favorites. On the top right you will see an option to "Save." When you click that you will be prompted to Create an Account. Please fill out the form on the right and click "Register".


You may create as many Favorite Sets as you like. Many of our clients select their parents favorites for them, for their parent albums. To do this, click "Our Wedding Album" (or whatever you named your set) and click "Create New". You will be prompted as to what you would like to call it. Be sure to name it something that we too will understand who it's for. 



Lastly and most importantly, you must share your favorite images with us! To do so click "Share Favorites" and a small box will appear. Fill out the info and be sure to add any questions or requests in the message field. 


Once you click "Share" you are all set! Just sit back and wait for us to get your album mockup to you.