Some might say our backup process is overkill, and they might be right, but when it comes to our clients we don’t mind!

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 11.51.03 PM.png

We have two Drobos, one for the current and past years work (built for maximum speed) the second is our archival drive (built for maximum space). We then have a massive 30 terabyte (LaCie 5big) drive that backs up both Drobos on an hourly basis. We also have two offsite backups;  a very secure “cloud server” that backs up all our Drobos every hour, and the proof gallery every client receives is online forever and acts as a great online back up within itself. Lastly, each year has a separate hard drive that is synced weekly and kept in a fireproof safe.

So, in case you lost count... within a few hours of your photo session your photos are in 5 different locations; safe and sound!